Welcome to The School of Sacred Embodiment

Home of The Wild Soul Sacred Body Membership + Courses and Trainings by Elizabeth DiAlto

Your body is the pathway, the portal, and the temple...

The main offering here is The Wild Soul, Sacred Body Community -

In the Wild Soul Sacred Body Community you get all the tools, practices, resources, and support to help you turn your deepest wounds into your greatest wisdom

This is a place where you can finally clear out the drama, trauma, chaos, and conditioning that’s been dominating your life and be who you really are.

It’s a place where you get to feel and know in your bones that your body is a pathway, a portal, and a temple to all that is sacred and divine.

If you’ve been looking for grounded, inclusive, and grown up space to do your work in, you found it!

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"I joined the School of Sacred Embodiment as an alternative to rejoining my gym during the pandemic and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. With an injury I’m slowly healing, I really appreciate Elizabeth’s encouragement to listen to our own bodies, make modifications and do our own thing during sessions when we need to. With an athletic background, I also love the Wild Soul SWEAT workouts, a space to move and sweat in a celebratory versus punishing way. And in Erotic Body Movement, I feel more connected to myself and my body than I’ve been in years. I’m so grateful the space opened at exactly the right time for me. For anyone who wants to find freedom in fitness and a space to heal, listen and reconnect to their body, join!" - Leann D

"During a crazy and uncertain time (COVID-19), I was really struggling with staying grounded and keeping my anxiety in check. Elizabeth popped up somehow, someway in my IG feed and her mantra that she posted made me feel a little bit better. I started reading her posts and found my way to the center. I started with a meditation and sank right into it, emerging feeling clearer and more settled than I had in months. I’ve fallen in love with the movement classes, her spirit, that big belly laugh, and all the wisdom. It was an excellent day when I found Elizabeth." - Lisa Mott